If It’s Pittsburgh, I’ll Post

Judy is sticking with the blues this year. I wish I had gotten a better shot of this jacket. Simple and elegant.

Yamiche’s coats continue to impress. This camel is one of my faves:

I like Gina McCarthy’s look. As we age, we become more sensitive about the appearance of our necks (wait, should that be plural? The subject is plural, but I only have one neck). Judy doesn’t appear to want to camouflage her neck, but that is one more thing to love about her. Many of us wear turtlenecks, but I like Gina’s upturned-collar. The blue-with-the-grey-with-the-red my God is that mohair worked for me.

Now on to the Pittsburgh part. Judy had two mayors on her show, a jag-off (Pittsburgh epithet) from Midland, Texas and the kooky mayor from Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto. The jag-off from Midland opened his remarks by saying, in a jag-offy voice dripping with sarcasm, “sorry about your Steelers.” Entirely inappropriate tone for Judy. Also, last I checked, no Texas team was in the playoffs this year. Stupid jag-off.

Peduto looks like some crazy Santa-meets-Just-for-Men. Why dye the hair and not the beard, Bill? I liked what he had to say about the equipment to fuel the energy of the future being built in the US, but the giant beard and the zippy sweater detracted from the seriousness of his remarks.

Short blog today because it was just one show!

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