Hold, Please!

Hi, Judy Friends!

I am writing to tell you why I have not been writing. You see, in addition to the crazy amount of cash dollars I make from this blog, I am a financial crime fighter. I work for an asset manager which has historically invested in Russia. As part of my job, I interpret global economic sanctions, so they know what they can do and not do.

There has been a LOT of complicated “not do” lately, needless to say, and it has made me a busy bee. SO MUCH SANCTIONS!

Please know that I have my priorities straight: Judy is at the top. I have recorded 13 Judy shows for fashion review. In the meantime, keep those comments coming!

I’ll be back!


4 thoughts on “Hold, Please!

  1. HELLO AGAIN: I have been wondering about you. Thanks so much for letting us know what you are up to.  I know we need those sanctions. Lots of good luck. Looking forward, Eleanor Solovay


  2. Blogger, don’t worry! We will manage somehow, as difficult as it will be to cope, knowing that we won’t have your hilarious and delightful commentary as our reward for watching the terrible, terrible news. Thank you for the important work you do on top of the important work of Judy-watching.


  3. What a serendipity, stumbling onto your blog! Look forward to your return.

    I LOVE Judy, but am I the only one who sees & is driven crazy by the fact that she lists to the left? Notice how her R shoulder is clearly higher than her L & how the fabric of whatever she’s wearing is bunched up on the L side but smooth on the R. She’s a role model, fer cryin’ out loud & needs to sit up straight!


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