Say It Ain’t So!

Good grief — we look away for a quick minute and Judy deserts us? Alert reader Diana in LA broke the story from Variety last night. I chose this headline because it tells us who the successors are. Of course, no one person could fill Judy’s (designer) shoes. At least I think they couldn’t. She might not wear shoes, for all we know.

I”m not shocked that Amna got the nod. There were no other real contenders. Lisa needs some… seasoning, and Yamiche left the ship.

Yamiche wore a swell flowery blazer two weeks ago on Washington Week, sez alert reader Blogger’s Mom. She sent me a pic but I lost it. Geez.

But I digress.

Who is this guy, Geoff Bennett?

Not a thrilling dresser, that’s for sure, with his Brooks Bros (does that even still exist? I think a private equity shop ran it into the ground) rep tie and blue-on-blue pocket square. Tasteful but boooorrrrrriiiinnnnnnngggg.

How does Bill Brangham feel about all this? I know he prefers William, but “Bill” sounds better. What about Nick Schifrin? John Yang? They are too classy to vocalize about the upstart coming in and stealing the limelight but I wonder how they feel in the wee small hours of the night.

Let’s take a look at recent Judy outfits from best to worst:

I love Judy in a bolero jacket. Not everyone can pull off screaming neon yellow but somehow Judy does.

Though she looks skeptical, no one can wear white like Judy. This beat out the swell orange number that took bronze because this blogger could never wear white. Not only does the color not suit but the spills!

Love Judy in the militaristic look. Always have. Always will. This is pretty woolly and buttoned-up for late spring, but of course she makes it work.

Oh how we will miss you! Burgundy always works – even when her hair was a bit to the strawberry while she was WFH during the height (we hope) of the pandemic.

Everyone’s allowed an off day and Judy is no exception. The longer-style jacket doesn’t suit her but it’s the color here that washes her out.

Dear Reader, whatever will we do?

We have until after the midterm elections to prepare ourselves, so let’s not waste a minute of our time together.

11 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t So!

  1. Unbelievable! We thought not much more could fall apart in the world, but it just goes to show.
    Wonderful to have the retrospective as we reach the end of the era.


  2. Anna is a fine choice, and such a good dresser(!) , although of course we will miss Judy. Truly the end of an era.

    But I don’t understand Geoff Bennett’s role. Amna doesn’t need a partner.

    And indeed why not William, Nick or John?

    Eleanor Solovay

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. It would have been a good move to offer the co-lead to Hari. Instead they send him to Siberia. He is a good dresser and never confrontational with interviews. I miss Hari. Maybe someone didn’t like the optics of two Asians?

    I noticed that Amna’s wardrobe seems to have been upgraded recently.


  4. I just went over my earlier message to you . Of course I meant to write Amna and not Anna in the first sentence

    One gets to be 89 and careless errors show up all over the place!

    Eleanor Solovay

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. Oh, it is sad news, indeed. Agree on all comments especially the terrible green knit and the exquisite white which remains one of my faves. Please, Blogger, once Judy retires will you continue to publish? Maybe under “News Hour Fashion Roundup” or something? How can we watch the news without thinking ahead to reading your pithy commentary on all outfits?


  6. Amna Nawaz will do a great job, I’m sure. She’s been an excellent replacement anchor and interviewer.

    I’m not sure what to make of Geoff Bennett. He honestly seems like a bit of a lightweight. Since he took over as weekend anchor from Hari Srinivassan, I’ve noticed less news and more stories from the entertainment world.

    I really like Lisa’s reporting, but that date-night lipstick is so distracting. I don’t mind if a news person has a forgettable look, but some oozy lipstick you can’t take your eyes off is another matter.

    I do miss Yamiche Alcindor.

    One thing I love about the way Judy dresses is that I notice her wearing the same thing more than once. So often women are expected to wear something only once in public. That to me is obscenely wasteful and ugly. Thanks to women like Judy who have too much class to bend to throw-away fashion.


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