RIP Mark Shields

We lost a a great one last weekend. Rest in peace, Mark. Look at that face!

Judy said, “everyone, EVERYONE at the News Hour loved him,” and I don’t doubt that for a second.

Some of the words the all-stars gathered to remember him used about Mark:


“Knowledge” (of politics, of sports, of anything in which he was interested)

“Irish wit”

“Velvet hammer”

“Enduring optimism about public service”

Some of the all-stars who gathered with Judy to remember dear Mark were: David Gergen, David Brooks, Robert MacNeil…

Mark’s wonderful wife, Anne…

Al Hunt (Mr. Judy)…

Mark and Anne’s daughter, Amy (Shields) Doyle, who told us her dad was just as lovely as he seemed and that he made up games for the grandkids, which he often won!

Judy closed us out by saying, “there was nobody like him.” Ain’t that the truth.

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