Chartreuse on the Loose

That’s a fun word, “chartreuse,” defined as a color between yellow and green. Please tell me how Judy can pull it off? This blogger wouldn’t dare, but Judy does it with aplomb. Love the tiny bolero jackets she wears from time to time. Great cut for her petite figure.

Laura Barron-Lopez tried, again, to copy Judy’s color palette, and ended up firmly in lemon yellow territory.

I”m an old fuddy duddy — I cannot help agreeing with reader Diane in LA who had the urge to put a barrette in Laura’s hair to get it OFF HER FACE.

Oh no. Poor Lisa. She seems to earn enough as a tv reporter to purchase new clothes from time to time, but it’s what she chooses that’s so upsetting:

Loved the 80s. Power. Lust. Greed.


But you can’t wear shoulder pads without dramatic eye makeup. (See above). You just can’t.

I’m fine with the natural look, but for heaven’s sake, not with shoulder pads.

And they don’t make Lisa look like a Power Chick; they make her seem lost.

You’ve got to own the look, baby.

4 thoughts on “Chartreuse on the Loose

  1. So nice to have you back… Missed your wit. I haven’t been watching PBS as much lately, but I turned it on tonight and that color is just amazing on Judy. Even that dress. Perfect.
    I thought Lisa had found her way a while ago. But I still have to agree with you. She’s struggling to find her identity I guess.


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