Not a Dry Eye in the House

But let’s start before Christmas, when Judy wore one of my favorite jackets. Note the stripes on the cuffs:

She looked swell in hot pink. Sublime sleeve length.

I’m guessing Akris here. Just love the neckline. Almost looks like one of her bolero jackets, but here, the bolero shrug look is incorporated into the top itself.

Darling Diane in LA noted that Judy wore a light-up necklace on Christmas Eve. I too, am HERE FOR IT.

But all too soon, it was Friday, December 30, Judy’s last day on the NewsHour. She shone. But first let’s talk about her guests.

Damien Garde, from Stat (new news outlet to me; am I losing my edge?) charmed with his not-fixed bite. He’s adorbs and so are his chompers.

Maksym, a Kiev resident, recounted his family’s survival of the latest Russian attack on the city.

Among the many things Judy taught me, BTW, is that it’s pronounced “KEE-ve” (rhymes with “peeve”) not, “Key-evv” (rhymes with nothing).

This bit was an example of the humanity Judy and her crew bring to every story. They could have filmed Maksym to another room, or interviewed some other person on the street, but they interviewed this father in his child’s room (who was “not there” but reportedly unharmed). Note the deal llama wallpaper. It was a reminder of how recently life there was like life here.

Brooksy will miss Judy so much. Won’t we all?

But now he’s stuck with Capey, who doesn’t have the history that Judy and Brooks have. Brooksy interrupted his segment to salute Judy. Capey came to us from a villa in Italy, or was it an italianate villa in Phoenix, AZ: ?

Brooks said, “it’s easy to be better when you’re around you” to Judy. She certainly made this blogger better. Less snarky even (sometimes).

Judy was all class on her final broadcast. Just right in a simple, perfectly-cut red dress.

Note the sleeve length. It was perfect, too.

Judy ended the hour with a touching but not sappy – never sappy – wrap-up. Of course this blogger (and truth be told, Mr. Blogger) was tearing up already.

At the end of the show, the cameras turned on the audience, in which Judy’s son sat, clapping with all of the rest of us. She gave him a kiss on the head and it was lights out here.

Was I crying for more than Judy? Probably, but she got me started.

Thankfully, Judy won’t be gone for long.

“Judy Woodruff Presents: America at a Crossroads” airs in something like three weeks. It won’t be the same, no, but it will be good. She is a heckin’ interviewer. This blogger looks forward to seeing those skills on display on the regular.

In response to the kind readers who asked whether this blog will go on, the answer is a resounding “yes”!

After all, Judy will need a whole new wardrobe for this gig.

SOMEONE has to comment on it.

Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Not a Dry Eye in the House

  1. I, too, love that navy blue jacket with the stripes on the sleeves…
    My husband and I have relied on Judy to keep us sane, informed, and reasonably optimistic –– even during some of the worst intervals we’ve experienced in the past decade.
    Very hopeful that Geoff and Amna have what it takes.
    I, for one, will raise a champagne flute to them this evening.
    And to Judy…


      1. Just wanted to say, on the eve of the first day of February, that I miss your sharp and classy commentary about the denizens of PBS NewsHour… 😎
        I wonder what your take is on the new and improved “look” Lisa is sporting these days?
        And what’s the deal with all these weird “sherbet color” neckties some of the guys are wearing, e.g. Geoff Bennett, and several Congressmen. They look like they’re auditioning for PeeWee Herman or something.
        Hope you will send your fans something to read soon.
        Be well…


  2. Eyes not dry, for me or hubby. Judy perfection as always. Also shed a tear for you, Blogger, as I feared you would be giving up the gig. So happy to learn you are carrying on. It was all too much, and I nearly thought I should give Lisa a pass on the glasses. BUT NOT QUITE:
    Why are they so low? The top actually covered her eyes. I cannot figure out how she could see. Always just a bit wrong, that one. Good thing so likable otherwise.
    Happy New Year!


  3. Thank you for your fun blog. We don’t always watch the evening news or the entire program but we never miss Amy and Tam on Mondays and David and Jonathan on Fridays. Judy always seems to genuinely like, respect and enjoy them all and the feeling is obviously mutual. Last night’s finale made it evident that the everyone who works with Judy loves and respects her.
    An aside: I was so sorry to hear a little later in the evening that Barbara Walters, the first among women broadcasters, died. I couldn’t help but wonder if Judy’s farewell would have been subdued if the news had come earlier.


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