OK, bear with me. I just started this blog today. You’re going to have to trust me that Judy looked great today as she reported 58,000 COVID-19 deaths. Not everyone could pull off the green shell under a black cardigan, but you’ll notice she pulled it all together with the black-and-gold dangly earrings. The bauble at the bottom of the earring was like a die from Dungeons and Dragons, which I admit playing with my odd neighbor about 42 years ago.

This is not the best-ever picture of Judy. I promise I will get better ones in the future. Just learning here.

I’m telling you, something happened to make Judy replace “Grant” with “Gettysburg” on the shelf behind her. A tiff with Ron Chernow? I doubt it. I bet she had trouble getting through Grant. I’m with you, Judy. It could have used an editor.

Judy, I will do better by you in the future with my screen shot. I promise.

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