Judy, I did slightly better for you today. Slightly. The mouth isn’t great, and my sunroom window projected glare onto the tv screen, but I am confident I will remedy these glitches.

Let me start by saying that Judy upped her game today. So many facets of this outfit to consider. The burgundy shade damn near matches that of the image of the novel coronavirus she puts up to start her program these days. Coincidence? I think not. Note that her sparkly (I dare say flirty) earrings match her shirt exactly.

Speaking of the shirt, I love the upturned collar. I damn near recorded the shirt here as a Nehru jacket, but my husband shoveled scorn upon me for suggesting that. That’s rich, really, because if you knew him, “fashion plate” would not be the first words that came to mind. He is a history teacher (“ah,” you say, “definitely no fashion plate”) thought, so he trumped me on Nehru.

ANYWAY, I think Judy’s shirt is raw silk with a covered placket. It goes nicely with her strawberry tresses. Somehow it doesn’t clash, though I did look twice at her hair, and I believe it’s more toward the strawberry than usual. Still and all, I applaud her for (presumably) doing her own hair.

It’s possible she and Lisa Desjardins have shared lip gloss tips. That would shock me, but the shade and glossiness level look familiar. I do not plan on commenting herein on Lisa’s outfits, because she’s strictly junior varsity to Judy’s varsity at this point. Lisa looks at Judy so adoringly that I feel sure she will pick some fashion tips up from her mentor.

Re the books behind Judy: another thing I like is that several have ripped dust jackets. That means somebody actually read them. Bonus points for that.

A note of warning: on this evening’s show, Larry Kudlow warned that economically, “the next quarter’s gonna be much worse” than this one. No surprise, but this writer is left wondering whether Judy will have to re-wear some of her outfits.

Stay tuned to find out…

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