Pretty in pink… isn’t she…. Pretty in pink….

Molly Ringwald’s got nothin’ on Judy today! Movie Poster Pretty in Pink Approx Size 11X8 INCHES ...

Moving us out of the 1980s, Judy looks fantastic. The giant pearls (real or faux? who cares?) are the perfect accompaniment to this top/dress. (Who knows?)

Judy focused on Trump’s tear-gas-enabled march to St. John’s Episcopal Church in DC for a Bible-wielding photo op. A reporter asked if it was his Bible. He responded, “it’s a Bible.” Some said he was holding it upside down but I cannot attest to that.

Even Dubya came out of the woodwork, saying, ““Many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason. Black people see the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response from American institutions.” Holy cow, who thought we’d be nostalgic for the Decider-in-Chief?

In other pink news, Judy hosted Bishop Budde, in front of whose church Trump posed. This chick is a class act, and look at the modified-Judy-pink-top-and-pearls!

In response to Judy’s question about Trump’s photo op, Bishop Budde assesrted:

“bringing himself and his entourage into our sacred space, using it as a backdrop, and holding the Bible, as if to put on the mantle of religious authority or blessing of what he had just said and done. And I felt it was urgent to remove that association as quickly as possible and to state our position in faithfulness to the Gospel as we understand it.”

Not a lot to cheer about in the news these days, but the following exchange made me cheer:

Judy Woodruff:

I see today that the president’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, is saying for people to question what the president did, to call it a photo-op or a photo opportunity is to question his faith. Is that what you’re doing? Are you questioning the president’s faith?

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde:

No, I’m challenging his actions.

And I am saying to him and to all who will listen that the Gospel of Jesus and the teachings of the Scripture are antithetical to the messages that he is communicating and the way he is responding to people in this moment, and that there is no spiritual mantle of authority for the actions that he had just moments before said that he would take.

Way to call b.s. in the most educated, civilized and ladylike way possible, just when we need it the most, ladies! MWAH!

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