“There are many more important things to think about right now than clothes.”

That’s what Judy’s outfit is telling me, and she’s not wrong. Possible that she just threw on the all-purpose black cardi that she keeps on the back of her (home) office chair for when Mr. Judy turns up the a/c too much atop a purply (not quite burgundy) top and — am I wrong, gang? — yesterday’s earrings.

Happy to see they dusted off Charlanye Hunter-Gault for this episode. She’s so good. Miss her on NPR, apart from the occasional missives from Africa. I’m using this stock photo because she closed her eyes in mine:

Charlayne Hunter-Gault 2014.jpg

Ms. Hunter-Gault reminded us of the still-shocking fact that African-Americans are killed by police at 3x the rate of whites, then interviewed a baby.

She spoke with the darling preteen assistant professor of psych at Miss State and author of White Kids, Margaret Hagerman:

She is a freakin’ BUTTON, as in “cute as.” Smart, too.

But this journalist must pose the hard question: how did she manage to pass as white and privileged for her study on affluent white kids in America?

Little Miss Miss made the important point from her study that it’s not so much what white parents say to their kids about race (though they don’t talk about it much), but what they do: do they do everything in their power to give THEIR kid every chance, at the expense of the community? Once again, it’s what we do, not just what we say, that matters.

Shortie today but more tomorrow.

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  1. Judy has seemed much more aggressive in her questioning recently—really pushing for responses to Trump’s appalling behavior. Good for her! Maybe her the-hell-with-it attitude toward her wardrobe is part of that.


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