I might be in the minority here, but I dig Judy’s kimono-thingy. Some might say, “well, she sure looks comfy. All ready for bed.” No, I say, no. Look at that tailoring – note the zipper on her left, our right.

I was so elated when I saw new look, though I feared for her safety. Did she risk her life for us, dashing to Neiman’s Bethesda outpost before it shutters its doors forever? Did she send Mr. Judy?

Regardless, I like the look. Sort of a cross between a kimono and maybe a middle-aged version of the sexy Diane Von Furstenberg wrap, worn here by a smokin’ Cybill Shepard in ’76:

Sure, Judy is more bundled up, but it’s 2020 and we’ve talked about the way Mr. Judy keeps their place freezing cold. I like the cornflower blue. I like the circles. The whole thing works for me.

I watched the whole show, much of which was related to the potential demise of the NY real estate industry at the hands of us new WFH’ers. True. Relevant. Important. Yawn.

I am a fan of the generals standing up to Trump, including Flynn and Dempsey:

but their outfits were nothing to write home about.

Someone tell me when the Republicans are going to stand up to Trump.

I’m waiting…

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  1. The only plausible explanation I can come up with is that someone has pictures of all those soggy white men in bed with young boys or young goats or both. What hold the evil orange one has over them is otherwise a total mystery to me.


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