Clearly it’s too cold for tiny Judy in her house. She has resorted to her back-of-the chair cardi again.

She just wore it two days ago:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1017.jpg

It might have been that it was a long week for this blogger, but I cannot tell her drop earrings apart anymore. I also think Judy’s had her hair styled. I don’t think it’s shorter but it’s definitely different. Let’s be kind. It’s been a heck of a week.

I f*&%ing cannot believe how low Trump has sunk. Why though? Why am I surprised? He’s led us here with every flap of those gums. Now, he’s in a “the people’s house,” surrounded by an 8 foot fence.

Today, in case you missed it, in a Rose Garden with the chairs for reporters pushed closer than the mandated 6 feet (because, the staffers said, “it looks better”), Trump said, “hopefully, George [Floyd] is looking down right now and saying, ‘this is a great thing that is happening for our country. This is a great day for him. It’s a great day for everybody.'” Look, I do not claim to know what happens after we die, but it’s hard to imagine MR. FLOYD is saying anything close to that.

BTW, unemployment rates for minorities went up.

So glad we’ve made it to Friday. I love how Mark Shields is now commenting from a walk-in-library-closet:

I defy anyone to find a kinder face, anywhere. Giving Shields and Brooks the nod for wearing coat and tie every Friday for us. I am also so touched by the fact that both of these seasoned journalists remain hopeful about our country and where it is going. That gives me hope, too.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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