Opening up, indeed! It’s another new outfit for Judy! I love the militaristic look of the zipper/epaulet detailing. The timing could be off, though as militaristic is not en vogue these days. Nice earring choice. Would have bet she’d go with one from her “red drop” earrings collection, but no. Good job, Judy!

Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, testified on the Hill today. Not only were his words on point, including “my brother’s life matters. Black lives matter” but he looked lovely. My last pair of glasses was Burberry and I think these are, too. I cannot determine if the Burberry watch plaid was on the arm of these frames or not, but I think it was. Also, nice summery suit. So professional. No, it didn’t matter one bit what Mr. Floyd wore, but isn’t it nice that he looked great, too?

Lisa was looking sharp in her schoolgirl glasses and fetching turquoise necklace. Chosen to go with the print/painting? I think so.

My favorite bit on today’s show came at the end — a piece on gardening. It was an interview and visit with Piet Oudolf, who designed the gardens of the High Line, among other famous spaces. They are worth a look for sure.

What a lovely man (and a nice head of hair). When asked what advice he has for amateur gardeners, he said,’ “It’s pleasure and entertainment at the same time. In the garden, it’s a sort of performance so it’s beautiful but it’s also beautiful to do it in your own way.”

My favorite thought for today came from Mr. Oudolf, as well, “From the moment that you understand gardening and you are a gardener, then every day is special. Every day is an experience.”

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  1. Loved the gardener too. Surprised he didn’t mention the therapeutic effect of taking out all your pent-up rage against Trump on weeds.
    Still not crazy about Judy the strawberry blonde in red.


  2. Oh I found it and love it! I really liked Piet too and his gardening observations. He said something like fro the moment you purchase a plant you like and bring it home you are a gardener! I am hoping the little school girl dies in fact choose attire and jewelry to match the painting … better than a sofa! You are so amazing! Love

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