I love the fuchsia sleeveless look on Judy. Some might say it clashes with her strawberry hair, but not me. Same lovely basketweave earrings as last night and I’m ok w/that. This color really flatters her, in my opinion, but eager for your thoughts.

Really big times for NASCAR. I lived in the heart of NASCAR country, in Charlotte, NC. They had races on the radio, and I’m not joking about that. NASCAR was the whitest sport I’d ever seen. Legend has it that the National Association of Stock Car Racing was born on the dirt roads of Appalachia, when moonshiners souped up their stock cars to outrun the police.

The king of stock car racing was, and will always be, Richard Petty. I know this for many reasons, one of which is the fact that when I was in law school in Durham, NC, one of my classmates requested that his numbered exam (to preserve students’ anonymity) not be the the one next in the pile but, as he said loudly, “number 43, for the king of stock car racing, Richard Petty.”

So it’s all the more significant that the first Black NASCAR driver since 1971 is Bubba Wallace (bet you thought that was a white guy’s name). One thing NASCAR drivers ALWAYS know is what they are wearing; they always support their team and /or their sponsors. You can’t see it in this darn picture. I really must hire a decent photographer. Bubba’s wearing a “Richard Petty Racing” shirt. Yes, Bubba Wallace drives the number 43 car. That’s huge in and of itself.

Then this week, he went out with few sponsors, driving a Black Lives Matter car:

Anyway, copycat sleeveless Amna interviewed Bubba about NASCAR decision to ban the confederate flag at all races. That’s so huge. This is happening during a time of declining ratings for NASCAR, so one might think cynically that NASCAR would pander. I am impressed!

Shields and Brooks were good, though when discussing Gen Z, they sounded like what we are: old white people. Still, it was good to hear Brooks list what Gen Z has grown up with: the financial crisis, Trump, climate change, systemic racism, Trump, Trump and Trump. No wonder they are suspicious of adults and power structures.

Brooks called out Trump on Juneteenth. He said that yes, we have to assume Trump knows what June 19 is and that at least someone in his circle knows of the massacre of Black people in Tulsa on that date. He said to have a rally then and there is “putting a thumb in the eye of basic decency.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for all the stuff about NASCAR—very cool. I know nothing about NASCAR, but way to go, Bubba!
    I find I dread the ending of Friday’s shows with the roll call of people who have died of the virus. I can’t watch it. I feel like a coward, it it breaks my heart.


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