Judy never claimed to be a sports fan, ok? Both the Florida NFL team and the Florida MLB team have aquatic animals as mascots. As reader John noted, while Judy did refer to the baseball team as the (hapless) Miami Dolphins, she later corrected herself. For all we know, the Dolphins would be better at baseball than at football. Perhaps George Will, politico and noted baseball maniac, called mid-show to correct her?

I like her in the cornflower blue v-neck top and sparkly clip earrings. The color suits even her strawberry hair. I think she got her hair cut last week, by the way.

John Lewis, RIP, was lying in state in the Rotunda. I learned something today — that lying in state is different than lying in repose. Lying in repose is what they did with Antonin Scalia when they put him in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court after he passed to that great hall of snark in the sky.

Google has more than 200,000 employees and contractors, all of whom can work from home until at least July, 2020. This blogger’s employer (I have to earn my keep somehow; I have fended off the likes of Ford and Budweiser from advertising here so far) sez I can WFH until at least December, so that’s something.

Less than 100 days until Election Day. Holy Crap. Let’s keep Joe B. muzzled and mostly out of sight. That’s working so far. He looked presidential laying a hand on Rep. Lewis’s flag-draped coffin today. That’s enough daylight for now. Let’s put Joey B. back in the basement with some Lincoln Logs to play with. He polls well from there.

Did anyone else notice John Yang choking as he introduced Tam? I hope it wasn’t at the bizarre arrangement of tchotchkes hanging on the wall behind her, or worse, her hair or earrings, but I wouldn’t put it past that guy.

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