New look alert! New look alert!

And it’s a good one! Judy seems to have realized that her hair is slightly to the orange these days – all good because she is likely trying to stay out of hair salons – so she found a top with vertical stripes to match! Love it. Love the diagonal stripes. The earrings are delicate: a pearl on top with lacy gold drops. She upped her game for us today. Thanks, Judy!

Also looking dandy was Fed-head Jerome Powell:

Love the silver hair, love the purple tie (did he borrow that from John Yang?) and the glasses. The low-low interest rates don’t hurt his appeal, either. Plus which he said that COVID safety, like mask-wearing, goes hand-in-hand with a stronger economy.

And for the trifecta, I present Claudia Rankine, author of “Citizen” (Mr. Blogger has this book, but I confess I have not read it):

It all works: the scarf, the hair the clean lines of the cases in the background, a little red on the lips… Nice going!

And now – get it while it lasts – the home opener of the Baltimore Orioles!

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