We’ve seen this look before, but that’s ok because….

Obama’s back!

The former Prez used John Lewis’ eulogy to appropriately call out this administration for working so hard in so many ways to suppress the vote.

Let’s be honest though. This blogger was even happy to see Dubya eulogizing (kind of) John Lewis. Seriously, how could I miss this punk-a$% face? You just want to slap him:

Trump, that’s how!

Really nice coverage of the funeral remarks. Nancy P. choked up — and so did Judy.
Of course this faux-hardened blogger shed actual tears.

In other news, nice story about sports and COVID, featuring a syndicated columnist new to this blogger, and whose name I admit I did not note. This is no good. How dare I write about someone whose name I did not record and whose outfit is mediocre at best? Press on I shall. It was a thoughtful piece comparing the professional sports leagues’ reactions to COVID. He agreed with Amna that the MIAMI Marlins did not get it right, allowing their players to go COVID clubbing, but he noted that although the NBA seems to be doing a laudable job of keeping its players safe inside the Disney bubble, just outside it, 253 Floridians died of COVID yesterday alone. They also covered the fact that the WNBA has dedicated its season to Breonna Taylor and its players walked off the court when the National Anthem was played. Anyway, its a good bit and I hope you see it or saw it.

And Now Mitch McConnell Is the 'Pro-Woman' Candidate!

Even everyone’s favorite grandmother, Mitch McConnell, pooh-poohed Trump’s tweet about postponing the election. You go, Grandma!

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