Sure, it was a big news day – Basement Joe picked the first Black woman as a VP candidate, the first Indian as a VP candidate, the daughter of immigrants, California’s first Black district attorney, and a “fearless fighter,” as he describes Kamala Harris, but…

That news was overshadowed by the fact that we saw Judy’s waist for the first time in six months!

So let’s focus on what’s important – fashion! Judy looks great in orange and I love this outfit. Love the big collar and the seventies wrap belt. I think it’s a shirt dress. What if it’s a pants suit? That would be awesome.

70's Jumpsuit:

Back to the other news. This blogger is rubbing her mitts together at the prospect of a new fashionista to cover. Kamala has been around a while, but there were so many Presidential candidates it didn’t seem worth the time to focus on one.

Early returns indicate KH is a snappy dresser: lots of big double strands of white pearls, big pearl clip earrings. Faux or real, who cares?

Democratic A.G. Candidate Rips Prop. 23 - The Santa Barbara ...
The Independent Index - The Santa Barbara Independent

And single strands of black pearls with matching earrings…

19 Best KAMALA... images | Kamala harris, Harris, Powerful women
Kamala2020 👑 on Instagram: “Kamala Devi Harris ...

She appears to favor suits with clean lines – all business but nowhere near frumpy or asexual.

This should be fun!

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