I am obliged to start with Thursday’s look. At first, I liked it because it’s a print is a good change once in a while. It’s an interesting print — kind of like an unfinished paint-by-numbers. If you look closely, you will see that, mingled in with the blue and yellow flowers, there is a gray, un-colored-in one. Interesting. I wish I knew more about fashion so I could figure out who designed it. I wouldn’t like this look every day, though.

Friday marked a return to fine form:

A late Labor Day this year means you can get more wear out of that, Judy!

That message apparently made it way to the beleaguered state of Belarus:

Poor Sviatlana. Things are not going well for her team. Can we point to the error of a white suit against a white background as a reason?

The remark of the week for me came during Shields and Brooks, not surprisingly.

Close watchers will note that Judy gives Mark and David a sweet head-tilt from time to time. She doesn’t do that for any other guests.

Anyway, the moment came when Judy asked Mark about Basement Joe’s pick of Kamala “Pearls” Harris. He said, “I know it’s inappropriate to say it but she has an absolutely million dollar smile,” Judy came right back with, “We’ll let you say that, Mark.”

Yes, we will.

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