Can’t fault Judy for squeezing the last out of her summer wardrobe. This blogger is doing the same, having had precious few opportunities to wear summer frocks this season. Who am I kidding? Precious little motivation is more like it.

Tried to get a close up of these drop earrings. They’re my fave. I think as we get older, it’s preferable to wear earrings that cover the earlobe-hole, which tends to elongate yuckily as we age.

Doesn’t everything?

One can only conclude that Judy-in-the-studio was special for the conventions and not a sea change. Makes sense.

My favorite bookshelf in a while comes from Harvard prof Michael Mina. Big Mike is clearly not a professor (or student) of interior design. He cleaned up at the Pier 1 going-out-of business sale. He even ripped the bookshelf off their wall.

As much as I enjoyed the hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil trifecta on the right of the second shelf, I was puzzled by the “African Salad” at bottom right. What does that even mean? Africa is a big continent. Surely they have more than one salad. (Quick research revealed it’s a “Portrait of South Africans at Home.”) I still don’t get why it’s displayed prominently. He’s not shilling for it (But See next photo).

A new entry in our ongoing series, “Shameless Self Promotion in Our Time” is Brian Stetler author of “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth,” with two copies of his own book on the shelf behind him. I like the John Deere dump truck toy, though. At least he’s not wearing a toupee. Or that hat.

Tune in tonight to see if Mark Shields is still in the closet, so to speak!

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  1. I think it is possible Michael didn’t think about his background but only about how he might look, next time we will see him in front of whitewashed book laden shelves! I am fond enough of Brian that I don’t care if he is shamelessly huckstering his book. As always, love your blog!!!

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