Friday was disappointing, both in a sartorial sense and because Mark Shields was “away.” So let’s skip it!

Monday was disappointing but not shocking, because Judy was “away.” So let’s skip it!

Above is her Tuesday outfit. It’s a spring-y color but I like it– highlights her eyes. The pearls are just the thing. Two thumbs up for the lip gloss. I tend to think of gloss as more appropriate for the younger set, but I am rethinking that because Judy wears it with such success. She also had fresh flowers.

Next in our series, “Shameless Self-Promotion in Our Time,” I present to you Peter Strzok, author of “Compromised”:

I suppose he should be congratulated for having only one copy of his book displayed prominently. I think the tulips are fake. Wrong season. I like the Russian nesting doll. I thought it said “GOAT” as in “Greatest Of All Time,” but then I realized that’s likely a Cyrillic letter at the beginning, which means I have no idea what it says.

Who wants to see Judy looking adorbs? Don’t all shout at once:

Look – she’s being a reporter! I love the glasses. I think Tony Fauci (I like his windowpane blazer by the way) has a little crush on Judy.

Don’t we all?

In other fashion news, Kam was spotted yesterday in Converse Chucks:

Those Chuck Taylors cost $50, a far cry from Mrs. Trump’s inauguration outfit, I am compelled to note. Kam was in Milwaukee meeting with electrical workers, Black business owners and supporters. Plus she’s wearing her mask. Good candidate!

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