I can’t believe I’m posting this image. We’ve seen it so many times it’s probably burned into your retinas. That was Thursday. Wednesday was no better: a black tank top. Yawn. This is a fan blog, and part of being a fan is speaking truth to power:

Judy you are not trying your best in the clothes department.

The end of summer is the time to dig in the back of your closet and pull out some a fun look you haven’t worn in a while. Heck, even a not-so-fun look would be nice. Anything new. How can this blogger keep it up without anything to work with?

We did have a new face: Cat Wise. I like her name, too. Cat was reporting on the apocalyptic Western wildfires:

I assume her mask was due to the fire, not COVID, but who can say? Here’s how she appears on her website:

Cat Wise (@CatWisePDX) | Twitter

I have so much fun researching this blog. What did I get when I googled “Cat Wise”? Pictures of wise cats, of course:

Portrait of an old cat looks so serious

(P.S. who watermarks wise cat photos? Is the photographer holding out hope someone will purchase this image? Keep hoping!)

Interestingly, Judy didn’t bring Bob Woodward on to flog his new — and potentially impactful — new book, Rage. Sorry, Judy, Bob chose to appear on the Today show instead:

If you’re Bob Woodward, you don’t need to use your book as a set prop.

If you’re Jane Fonda, you don’t need to use your book as a set prop, either:

Jane was on Judy, in part to push her new memoir, What Can I Do?

I could use this space to poke fun at the great lengths to which stars go to retain a semblance of youth, but I promised I wouldn’t do that.

I can have any evil thoughts I want, though.

Let’s hope Mark Shields is back tonight, in or out of his closet.

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