Finally, Fall!

Yes, it’s finally fall at Judy’s place. She’s gone a little racy on us, with the leather- (pleather? I think not.) accented top. The blue suits her and so appropriate for fall.

But wait, what’s that I see on the bookshelf behind her? She’s swapped out Dutch for Taking Charge, a book by familiar-to-tv face Michael Beschloss about LBJ. Interesting. What it means is anyone’s guess. Guesses anyone?

Even Lisa, with a troubled sartorial past, has pulled together a great look for fall:

No, not that one from tonight’s show. That just made me sad.

This one, from the piece on the Susan Collins race in Maine:

What a great look, Lisa! Love the blazer + sweater + shirt. This blogger would look like the Michelin many in that many layers, but Lisa pulled it off quite well! Nice work!

It’s Friday!

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