Push-Ups for Everyone!

Randy Arozarena after a homer on Wednesday night, his third of the series.

Randy Arozarena is the breakout hitter for the AL-East-winning Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays. He had three homers in the series against the Yankees and a batting average over .600. He tested positive for Covid at the beginning of the season. How did he occupy himself during quarantine? By doing 300 push-ups a day. It seems to have helped his hitting.

Stay with me now…

Judy’s outfit Friday brought Randy to mind because she appears to have been doing that many push-ups while out of the studio. Understandably, she wants to showcase her hard work.

Sun’s out, guns out…

She’s ripped. Still and all, it is fall and a sweater might be in order.

The prize for most tasteful book pimping goes to Mark Salter, author of The Luckiest Man, about John McCain:

The distressed doors to bracketing him are a wee bit precious, but there is nary a copy of his book in sight. PLUS which he got Judy to read the book, as she was eager to demonstrate in their conversation. Nice work, Mark.

Now lose that goatee.

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