That’s It, I’m Contacting the NewsHour

Monday was boring black and white. Tuesday was dark purple/maroon day in Judy’s studio. Note the slightly puffed shoulders. They are coming back in, straight from the ’90s:

Why Princess Diana ditched puffy sleeves | Daily Mail Online

Maybe not THAT puffy.

Likeable G’town law prof Victoria Nourse was also in dark reddish/brownish hues. Hers is my favorite bookshelf since the beginning of Covid times. It’s crammed with books, tilting every which way, behind attractive window-pane doors, which (coindentally? Maybe not!) match her glasses.

Her backdrop compared favorably with UVA law prof Saikrishna Prakash’s. He took the opportunity to schill for his originalist-themed book, The Living Presidency:

I hope he’s a better author than artist, if the whiteboard is any indicator of his talents.

Judy was in the studio again Wednesday, in a nice bright combination:

But I know what you are all waiting for — Thursday, back at home:

It’s back! I refer new readers to my post of September 15, in which I took comments from readers, including one that posited the motif as Lucille Ball. This dress (?) continues to fascinate. No, I cannot say definitively what the motif is, but this is definitely the most-commented-upon outfit she wears.

You know what? On behalf of my loyal readers, I’m contacting the NewsHour about this.

Nothing ventured…

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