Adventures in Interior Design: The Couch Pumpkin

Judy was “away” Monday. Huh. I don’t recall being asked to sign her field-trip permission slip. I’m also miffed that the NewsHour has not reverted on my question about Judy’s famous cherries/Lucille Ball/flower motif dress. I’m sure it must be in my spam folder.

Tuesday was this zippy number. I think she has worn it before, but my pre-school intern archivist is busy finger painting on the walls or I would ask her. Judy’s outfit also has snaps. I wonder if it’s Marc Jacobs. Looks like it could be.

Several have commented (including Blogger’s parents) that Judy has had a haircut and color. She looks positively radioactive in the photo above, but that’s my photographer’s error. Nevertheless, I agree that she’s braved physical contact recently. I bet she didn’t have to go to a germy salon, though.

I wonder what guides her decision to be in studio on a particular day?

I just love Lisa. I feel like she tries so damn hard to get Judy to think she’s cool. That apparently extends to placing a pumpkin on a blanket on her couch, something I’ve never before seen:

A couch-gourd. That’s new to this blogger. I think we have to record this as an interior design “miss.” It’s touching though, because I’m sure…

Judy loves Lisa just as she is.

We certainly are collecting a number of book-pimpers. I guess you can’t blame them, with titles like “Social Media and Democracy: The State of the Field, Prospects for Reform “:

I give Nate Persily the nod for trying to sell a few copies. Why? Look how cool his office is. He has a voting machine to his right and a bunch of framed ballots behind him. I love it.

Election is coming soon. Don’t forget to vote!

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