Judy Goes Festive!

I hope everyone had as happy a Halloween as possible in this bummer of a time. Among all news anchors, only Judy could pull off reporting a story on the pandemic with Halloween decorations adorning her set. Were they Mr. Judy’s idea? I ask because it was Mr. Blogger who spotted them. I love the skeleton on the globe and the tiny ghost over her left shoulder. Maybe Lisa will follow suit next year.

I’ve held off commenting on other spooky decor, but now the time seems right. The more I look at David’s living room, the more it creeps me out. Let’s take a close look:

We’ve discussed before the fad for organizing books by the color of their spines. I’m not a fan. I used to like this room (See early posts), but no more. Those black velvet (velour?) chairs are an unfortunate choice. Then look at the — more black — of the dining room set at which he’s sitting. I like abstract painting (See earlier posts comparing Judy’s shirt to a Rothko painting), but the art on the left of our screen doesn’t work for me. I failed to determine its provenance. I do like the bare window with that woodwork, probably because it serves to validate my lack of window treatments. The vase to the right next to that gate thing just looks fake and awkward. I guess the whole thing looks like he (and his new bride?) tried too hard. It isn’t a room I’d like to spend time in. Not that he asked.

Contrast that with Mark’s closet:

A tad cramped but homey. I’d be with Mark in his closet anytime.

That came out wrong.

The style lesson here is: don’t try too hard.

2 thoughts on “Judy Goes Festive!

  1. I love your articles. I found you after Judy wore the Lucille Ball dress. I had to know what it was and went searching the internets and found you. I do like David’s decor though – it feels kinda southern to me. Maybe a little New Orleans-y. I also like Mark’s closet. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while… is that a wall? A bookcase turned to hide something? Anyway. Thank you


    1. Thanks, Jessica, for your kind comment. I hope Mark isn’t hiding a body behind the bookcase. I mean I’d still love him, but it would awkward for a while. Respect your comment about David’s NOLA decor.


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