Waiting, Waiting…

Seriously, how beautiful did Judy look on election night? This bolero jacket screams, “Ole!” (Cannot figure out accents on this blog thing.) I didn’t quite capture the depth of the blue, but it’s just gorgeous. I’ve received questions on the designer, and I am sorry to report I just do not know. But then again, who could wear it as well as Judy?

Part of me wants her blue to signal her party affiliation, but my better angels want Judy to remain studiously neutral. Still, that is a blue flair marker in her hand. She likes those.

I bet Lisa called Judy to ask what color she was wearing:

Not a great shot of Lisa but her little suit was adorable. Pedal pushers. Her hair was much too big, though. She needs to have her stylist take some weight and length off.

Last night, Judy was back in blue, looking smashing in another new outfit. I think this is a dress:

I guess with the election and all, PBS has been too busy to get back to me on Judy’s cherry/flower/Lucille Ball dress. I must follow up today. Nothing else to do while

Waiting, waiting…

5 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting…

  1. Aha! To me this was reading as a one-piece sweaters with a fascinating neckline. But no, it’s a bolero! That makes sense. As a knitter, I’m disappointed, but it is lovely. Thank you for helping me see it.


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