It’s Baaack!

Yes, on Wednesday, Judy wore the “Dress That Launched a Thousand Comments” again. No one knows what its motif is or where Judy purchased it. PBS isn’t answering my entreaties. We will be left to wonder. I think I will email PBS again…

There. That makes me feel better. I’ve accomplished something toward our goal.

Judy did not wear anything else of interest this week; same old kimono dress (which I like) and a different blue dress or top.

Lisa was meh, too:

Yamiche is turning into quite a standout. Though she was asleep on her feet here, no doubt due to the grueling campaign coverage, she is wearing yet another snappy overcoat. This one is red:

My favorite look of the week came from a sartorial dark horse, Paul Solman.

Or should I say, DETECTIVE Solman?

Two thumbs up for the fedora. BTW, was it right that they made the senior reporter cover a story on seniors losing their jobs during the pandemic, or did he raise his (withered?) hand for it? I like his stories and I like him, so I will choose to believe Detective Solman asked to cover the story.

Brooks and Shields tonight! Judy loves them and so does this blogger!

8 thoughts on “It’s Baaack!

  1. That black dress with the red rosettes – or whatever they are – has been haunting me forever! I actually saw another newscaster wearing it sometime last year but still no clue who makes it.


  2. It has been making me crazy! Just saw a similar outfit on the Amazon show Flack and started searching again and a friend sent me your website. I tried a Google lens search from a snip of your photo of Judy’s outfit (the full photo just returned that it was Judy) and it seems that it is a Victors Beckham pattern!!!


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