Everyone Loves Dolly

Judy has worn this number before. I like it. Kind of NASA-ish what with all the snaps and zippers. Michael Kors? Marc Jacobs? I don’t know.

Maybe New Mexico wouldn’t have needed a Covid “reset” (a.k.a. shutdown) if the guv had taken stricter measures earlier, but that didn’t stop Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham from looking snappy and state-appropriate. Don’t miss the pottery piece to her right:

Some commenters — and please keep ’em coming — ask why I don’t remark on Amna’s outfits.

Because they are BORING. Case in point:

She’s channeling Susan Dey in L.A. Law, circa 1988. What more can one say?

LA LAW Press Photo 8X10 Harry Hamlin Susan Dey

Growing old is not for the faint of heart, but age is a requirement to pull off this style of eyeglasses:

Rep. Dingell did it well. I am looking forward to sporting a pair of those.

Fashion editor Carrie Donovan took them up a size:

Old Navy Carrie Donovan Sports - YouTube

And so does, Iris Apfel, 90-year old style icon. She does it best:

Eyebobs: Iris Apfel, 90-year-old style icon, inspires oversized glasses  range | Daily Mail Online

Speaking of aging gracefully, Judy’s interview of Dolly Parton made my week. They are not a pair that comes to mind immediately, but Judy was adorable in her admiration of Dolly.

And why not?

Judy wore her best interviewing-for-my-first-real-job outfit, a blazer over a shell. Bonus points for noticing that she wore — rare — a necklace! The interview was a delight.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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