Yamiche’s Background Is Bizarre

Once again, Judy is recycling her outfit. That’s ok because it’s not wasteful and she is always tasteful. There. I’ve rhymed. Not much to say about her the Monday top/dress other than it’s appropriate for the season and flattering. Ho hum.

Holy crap what happened to Yamiche’s background? For some reason it reminds me of a Sesame Street set: The Count might ask how many jars are on Yamiche’s shelf. This is bizarre. She’s gone from a completely generic exxecutive-housing type of set to this. Seriously, what happened? What the heck are the bronze things attached to the wall? If they are planters, they are empty. This cannot be a real room. What are the sunbursts? Decals? What the heck is going on with the whitewashed items on the shelf? What is this? Anyone?

Happily, Dr. Tony was back in the house, reminding us to be careful on Thanksgiving and not to travel for the holidays. He looked snappy in his Yankees’ pinstripes. (He’s a longtime fan.) I found myself wondering if he and Judy have a mutual admiration society. A professional crush, maybe?

Not sure I will blog again before Thanksgiving. I will try. If not, have a great one and be safe!

2 thoughts on “Yamiche’s Background Is Bizarre

  1. I believe those are rain cups behind Yamiche. Does she have a ceiling leak? The accessories are too weird. Is she broadcasting from inside a West Elm?


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