Judy Interviews Another Cool Chick

Judy has worn this shirt numerous times. I feel confident she will get some new duds for Christmas, if she celebrates Christmas. I have deliberately avoided research into her life, preferring instead to concoct a fully-formed fantasy world about her.

I would also be fine with Judy consignment shopping, if she is trying to help the environment and underpaid garment workers by not purchasing new clothes. Hard to imagine Judy rummaging through the racks like I do, but she continually surprises.

Thank goodness someone got Yamiche out of that blue nightmare of a room. They popped her on the train (can PBS afford the Acela, or would Yamiche ride the grubby Regional?) and shipped her to Wilmington. All of the offices behind her look empty. Not surprising given Covid and the time of day.

Why does Kam insist on wearing black and brown together? Yucky. She could wear any color of the rainbow. I do dig the black pearls.

Judy had (one of my) girl crush(es) on her show! Megan Rapinoe, newly engaged and sans pink hair, made an appearance. She is fantastic. Judy showed pictures of the Rapinoe family and they all have the same great smile. I wanted Judy to congratulate Megan on her engagement, but then I thought about it, and considered that she would never say that to a man, so I’m glad Judy refrained.

Love Megan’s tie-die under the black blazer. I can even forgive the shameless book plug there off her left shoulder.

We love her.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

2 thoughts on “Judy Interviews Another Cool Chick

  1. I don’t get Judy’s top. What is up with the thick blue bar extending to her right shoulder? I thought it was a shadow at first. Is there any aesthetic justification for it? It’s not my place to ask really. I couldn’t justify any article of clothing I wear, nor would I feel that I needed to. But it’s different for men, I know.


    1. Dear commenter (!), I have likened this top to a Mark Rothko painting with its shades of blue and squares atop one another. That said, I don’t know what’s up with it but I do know she must like it because she wears it regularly. Thanks for commenting!


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