Who’s That Baby?

Look there – there, above the Gettysburg book near the top-right (her right) of Judy’s head. There’s a new photo. It’s a toddler! Who is it? Let’s try for a closer look:

That doesn’t help much, other than to confirm it’s a human kid, perhaps behind a jungle gym? Who is this mystery baby? I am dying to know. I even broke my no-research-into-Judy’s-life rule and tried to find out, but no luck. Let’s keep our eyes on that space, team.

Guess what book interviewee and reporter Jim Tankersley wrote? You’re getting good at spotting the book-pimping, my friends: The Riches of This Land, off to his left. I don’t understand Jim’s hair and I don’t recall seeing his byline in the New York Times, but I will keep an eye out. Props to him for a Liebling book on the shelf, though.

Not much else to report from Monday’s show, but the baby is big news!

2 thoughts on “Who’s That Baby?

  1. Wait, what about the lusciously colored top? You are absolutely hilarious! The “baby” doesn’t even look like it is from this century! I am guessing the mysterious swags of lights above both pictures are actually at your house, reflected!!! I love your blog … and enthusiasm! Love you!

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