Judy’s Got the Blues

LOVE this blue suit on Judy! It’s new, I’m pretty sure. The color is fabu. Such a rich sapphire. She wore it Friday.

Looking back to Monday, Judy wore this fetching blue dress. Love the tiny scalloped collar.

Yamiche might be losing her mind. She rearranged her shelf, without reducing the weirdness somehow. And why the rain cups on her right? My holiday lights don’t help to normalize the tableau.

Lisa’s got the holiday lights, too, but they look right with her all bundled up in Wilmington last Monday. Adorbs.

Back inside on Friday, nice to see Lisa’s decorated for the holidays, with ornaments on her china cabinet and a snowman off her left ear.

On Monday, guest Elizabeth Acevedo showed off her Frieda Kahlo portrait (or is it a tile) and her books arranged by color. We know how this blogger feels about that.

It warmed the heart to see Donna Shalala and say goodbye to her as she ends this phase of her career.

Differing opinions on Amna’s look on Friday. I liked the smooth hair and the patterned top. Some felt it was too great a departure from her usual (drab) attire. It worked for me!

Will try to do something about those lights! But don’t we all need some holiday cheer?

3 thoughts on “Judy’s Got the Blues

  1. Agree the bookcase arranged by color so…affected. Even Elizabeth’s pretty hair does not make up for this irritant.
    But Lisa in that hat and scarf cheers me up.


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