Holiday Mash-Up

It’s been a while since I posted, so this is a pre-holiday mash-up.

Did NOT love Judy’s sweater set last Friday:

I think blue may be Judy’s color, and it looks like she has had her hair done.

Judy went green on Monday to nice effect. Like the new top with the drape-y neck:

Hearkening back to last week, I want to take a closer look at Lisa’s cat.

Upon a Monday-morning film review, it’s clear the cat was hacking up a hairball during her segment. Good for Lisa for powering through.

Festive sweater on Lisa Monday. nice color with the reddish hair:

The compliments stop here. What was Susan Rice thinking? Really, what was she THINKING?

Looks like they have either pulled Yamiche out of her place and put her in Wilmington with prez-to-be Biden or put a false background in place of her apartment’s odd decor. Either way, it’s an improvement, though the Wilmington skyline is hardly breath-taking.

RIP John LeCarre.

Perhaps in an homage to the spymaster, Cat Wise sported a trench coat in her segment on childhood trauma:

Wait… WHAT WAS THAT? Mark is (semi-) retiring? I admit I missed that. I tuned out after the Amy and Tam segment. An alert reader tipped me off to the retirement early today. Mark is 83, but what kind of excuse is that? How am I supposed to understand the week’s news? I LOVE Mark. I mean, David’s great and he’s grown up a lot I think, but he’s no Mark.

Syndicated columnist and PBS NewsHour contributor Mark Shields.

What a year…

2 thoughts on “Holiday Mash-Up

  1. Lisa’s cat is too cute and needs his (her?) own fan site. I missed that hairball situation. I am super impressed Lisa did not run around like her hair was on fire panicking that he would throw up on the couch. Like I do.


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