Holiday Judy-Spectacular!

On Wednesday (12/23 – I have to add dates because it’s been so long between posts), Judy wore what one reader described as a “Star Trek” sweater set. I get that. I love the Christmas decorations to her left and right.

We all want to be cozy and we (not Judy) have lowered our sartorial standards during Covid, but this was too low for me, though not for Mister Blogger:

Politico’s Anna Palmer thought far enough in advance of her appearance to frame the word
“Politico” off to her right (may be out of this frame) but not enough to get out of her cozy jammies. Fleece or fuzzy sweaters do not fly on Judy’s NewsHour.

Show some respect, woman.

I was dazzled by the older workers — ones who had chosen to keep working, not been forced to — on another segment Wednesday. I adored May Leet, a finance professional, who started her career using an abacus. She was as charming as she looks in the photo below:

Now on to Mark Shileds…

Mark’s departure last Friday (12/18) – Reader, I cried – was also a chance to review Judy’s outfits and hair over the years. She wore a red shell under a black jacket for the occasion. Who doesn’t love that caption?

As we watched a montage of Mark’s many years on the NewsHour and its predecessor, the MacNeil/Lehrer Report (they even brought Robin MacNeil out of retirement for the occasion), we were treated to bonus shots of Judy over time. What fun!

I think this was ’90s Judy, based on the hair (mine was that blonde then). Her arms were a point of pride even then:

This can be none other than ’80s Judy:

Heavy Princess Di influence there, clearly. I never imagined I’d see Judy in heart-shaped earrings. Magenta was def an ’80s hue.

We even got to see Judy interact with Mister Judy, both in shades of green!

We love Judy in any era. Look – she’s wearing the Star Trek sweater set in 2020, pre-covid, too:

Mark changed so little over the years, it’s heartwarming. David jested that Mark grew up in the ’60s, and so did his ties.

I had glasses this size, too:

I love this photo with Missus Mark:

And my tears started flowing freely when she popped into Mark’s closet, and ordered him to “move over, ” to which Mark obediently replied, “yes, dear”:

How do we love the NewsHour? Let me count the ways…

I hope you have a safe and happy holiday and here’s to 2021!

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