It’s Raining Men!

RIP Hank Aaron.

Judy must know that royal blue suits her. I like this (new, I think) dress. Not so much the meh sweater set.

I still like this wrap top. Could be J. McLaughlin for all I know. Becoming.

Yamiche’s background is the same but still… striking. Her makeup continues to be flawless. I wish she would wear something other than black.

Lisa has been looking Sharpie lately. She is learning to accessorize, too.

The cat scooted out of the frame at the beginning of the segment.

I will bet any takers that Lisa will wear this outfit on Valentine’s Day:

Heather Boushey was not shy about product placement for her book, Recession Ready. Always fun to play “spot the pimped book.”

Today’s blog has three men, which could be a record. Usually Judy’s men are boring clothes-wise, but not today. Prez Joe (how fun is it to type that) has been looking swell. Like the shade of this jacket and the rep tie. I saw him recently in a black suit with grey pinstripes. It was too Wall Street.

Who remembers Devo?

Devo 1982 - Rock Scene Auctions

This guy does!

Holy cow. This image alone was worth the whole hour. What if those aren’t frames but a unibrow? The New Wave decor is right in line with the hair and fashion picks. There is a light illuminating only the corner of the painting behind him. Choice wall color. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it in the frame, but there is a tiny picture about three feet up on the far right of the couch. I give Masha props for going whole hog ’80s though. You don’t see that often.

Much more interesting that this joker:

Something about him made want to clock him one. Maybe it was his 90’s hair, swept back and long. Maybe it was the pineapple tie. Maybe it was the stupid spread collar on this shirt. Maybe it was this clearly-decorator-done living room. I would have liked the mural/wallpaper behind him if he hadn’t obviously chosen it as his background. Blech.

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