She’s Back!

Judy’s back to giving us great looks and swell outfits. Yay!

Let’s first celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Judy and the First Family:

Jill did her best. I don’t get the vest under the double-breasted blazer. She also over-accessorized, but I forgot entirely to wear green, so I give her props.

But Joe nailed it. I LOVE the shamrocks-in-the-pocket look!

More of Judy’s recent looks:

I wish I hadn’t taken the below picture on the weekend, rather than on Friday, when Judy wore the smashing blue ensemble, because the sunlight washes out the look. An astute reader-friend noticed that Judy tends to dress up on Fridays. Date night?

Yesterday, Judy looked great in a simple black mock turtleneck. Her hair was super.

Judy even brought her granddog, Shiloh, on the show for National Puppy Day!

The dog seemed to be a handful, with Judy looking pained while waving a baseball to keep Shiloh’s attention. Aren’t all 6.5 month-old pups a pain though?

I don’t generally research Judy’s personal life, preferring to speculate based on what I see on the four corners of my screen, but I did try to determine whether Judy has a dog. I couldn’t find one. Can you?

Now for the supporting cast section.

Including the picture of Amna below to highlight the fact that my reader-friend was right that Amna has Winston Churchill’s six-volume set on her table in what I assume is her living room.

I love my readers! An eagle-eyed one found Tam’s blouse, at $219 from Rungolee. I like this blue and white version better than the green camo Tam wore. Turns out she wasn’t wearing it backwards, either!

I give the nod to Fred de Sam Lazaro, caught snoozing on cam below. He has looked like a hot mess in the field (wouldn’t a comb fit in his flak jacket?), but he looked dandy at home. I like the matte eyeglass frames.

Now let’s turn to a few guests and others.

Psst, Jen Psaki, I thought redheads weren’t supposed to wear red? You look adorbs anyway.

Anthony Fauci is a style icon in so many ways, here sporting a G-Shock watch, the coolest and toughest digital watches out there. No Rollie for this man.

Based on her appearance on Judy, I want to be Elizabeth Economy’s friend. Look at that nice face and how cool is her place? I also love her top (hard to see here) and the necklace.

Not so much for C.B. Beard. Did he just dash from the lab for this segment, or is he wearing his lab coat to look important ? Also note shameless plug for his book, Forgotten People, Forgotten Diseases. What was his name again? Oh, I’ve FORGOTTEN it.

I hope none of you missed seeing King Arthur. Judy gets all the best guests.

What more can I say?

6 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Jen Psaki looks good in red! Also that neckline is great. I am relieved that she is covering up a bit. Some of her necklines have been waaaay too low for delivering White House press briefings. And this brings me to Jill. She has a dynamite figure and can totally pull it off but this décolletage makes me think about her upcoming date night and really I do not need that image. Has the staff not gotten around to unpacking the camisoles?


    1. Received confirmation that the crab cakes shipped. There is other stuff in there like soup and dip. Feel free to put out the dip this weekend or give it away. Soup he might like?



  2. As if, Blogger! I could never fill your chic-trendy-yet classic shoes. Also I think you meant to send the crab cake message to a friend, not the blogosphere. But sounds delicious.


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