Back in the Studio!

Judy’s back in her studio and she looks GREAT! Her hair no longer looks strawberry-tinted, and she’s sporting hot pink for spring! We can even see her (tiny) waist. She gave a shout-out to her crew and to us for sticking with her. Props right back atcha, Judy.

In a smart move, Tam copied Judy’s Monday, look, causing Amy to cringe. Lighten up, Amy, Tam looks great. She even went for Judy’s hairstyle but made it her own with a right part.

Even before she was back in the studio, Judy had upped her wardrobe game with this lovely Ann Taylor-like outfit. (Anybody remember that chain?). Judy’s too highbrow for Ann Taylor, even if it still existed, but the tiny blue blazer and white shell underneath was a good look.

As you know, I rarely mention Amna because her clothes are boooorrrrring. Well, she looks super in red, it turns out. This is from last week, but worth a mention today.

Wow, Rochelle Walenksy.

This space-age number first brought to mind a the blankets runners receive after finishing a marathon:

Foil Wrap High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

But then I realized her outfit was merely taken out of context. She was going for the sexy martian look. Let’s put her back with the rest of the fam:


And for a more or less traditional finish, Tammy Duckworth shamelessly plugged her book, Every Day is a Gift. Barfy title.

Glad Judy is back in the studio!

4 thoughts on “Back in the Studio!

  1. Thanks for your delightful blog. We were doing a similar running commentary and one day Googled “Who dresses Judy Woodruff” and found your commentary. Thank you!
    Our big concern: after the news headlines, there is a break for credits and a scan of the dark studio where you see two men. One has his arms down at his sides and papers in his hands. Is he sleeping? Dead? We figure he would have dropped the papers if he were sleeping (or dead). We had hoped that now that Judy is back in the studio he would be more active, but no dice.
    I, too, marvelled at Dr. Walensky’s silvery outfit and matching make-up. I had the impression that she was on her way to a formal event and graciously stopped for the interview on her way. I think she is very cool.
    Thanks for brightening my day.


    1. Fern, I just realized I hadn’t gotten back to you on your big concern. I hadn’t noticed the phenomena you describe until you pointed it out. I just don’t know what’s going on there!


  2. In the Duckworth screenshot, it looks like she has action figures of RBG and Fauci, which is super cool. Also, just under those two on the screen is “Baltimore.” Does that mean Duckworth was in Charm City, or is it just a helpful reminder to our blogger of where she is?


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