Judy’s Gonna Get Me Fired

And she doesn’t look like she cares.

Apologies for the window reflection on her right breast. It’s staying light later which is mostly a good thing.

I have been obsessively looking for the designer of this space-age zippy burgundy number all day. Zippers on the sleeves and on the front. I went down one internet rabbit-hole and then another, all without anything to show for it.

How can anyone expect me to hold down a job and keep up with Judy? She’s been busting out the fashion this week since returning to the studio.

Can’t wait to see what she does for date night tonight!

2 thoughts on “Judy’s Gonna Get Me Fired

  1. You’ll never be fired in my book. I love what Judy is wearing this week and I find myself waiting to find out if she’s going to go back to some of the older stuff. I love the fact that they settled on flat colors instead of shiny, …darker colors, and yes, that camera looks so much better her skin tone is actually right. So so is her hair. It seems silly to obsess over something like this every day. Ha ha. But I do

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