Another Great Showing

Judy racked up another strong week of outfits. She had only one or maybe two slight misses, which don’t merit mention or a photo here.

She chose blue dresses twice:

And a lovely white number once:

Lisa has stowed her big black frames, perhaps for spring. Unfortunately, the knobby sweater/jacket over the patterned silk top is a combination that exceeds the boundaries of my generous fashion sense.

Who doesn’t love Charlayne Hunter-Gault? If you said, “me,” you can stop reading this blog right now. No fashion icon she, but I would love to be her pal. As Mr. Blogger noted, she has the Studs Terkel tome, Race, a strong older work on race studies, instead of one of the authors-of-the moment. She also has a Bobby Kennedy bust off to her right. Plus which she’s 79 and lookin’ sharp.

Alert reader Nancy implored me to take a gander at Tam’s showing this week. Wowee! She nailed it! Love the little sweetheart neckline (please someone tell me that’s not a bustier on PBS) and the floral jacket looks just right with that graduated pearl necklace. Way to go! Thanks, Nancy!

I don’t know anything more about Shelley Moore Capito’s politics than I heard on Judy this week, but I dig her look, though the Senator from West Virginia over-accessorized. Two necklaces and big earrings are beaucoup trop. That said, she looks like a former athlete, maybe a field hockey player (I was among those ranks many moons ago). She didn’t go in for the nip-and-tuck so many do and she’s pulling it off nicely.

You know what’s a good brand of indoor fan? A Vornado. (Vornado people, feel free to send some Benjamins my way for that endorsement.) It makes you feel as though a high wind is sweeping across your living room.

Michael Weiss had his Vornado positioned to his right just off camera. I hope he’s nice and cool.

Wow. John Boehner doesn’t give a good gosh-darn and he doesn’t care who knows it. His f -you interview (not that the sentiment was directed at Judy; more at the world at large) was pretty funny. He was just there to pimp his book, on the cover of which he’s hoisting what I can only surmise is a merlot:

The decor of his (Florida, I assume) pad was a bit of a shock:

Now for something uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t be a journalist if I didn’t ask the hard questions that lead to the hard truths, would I?

Oh wait. I’m not a journalist.

Tough beans. I’m asking anyway.

During the side-by-side with Sen. Capito, I noticed something odd. Shelley — and her wrinkles — seemed to be more in focus than Judy.

Sure enough, the same thing happened with Speaker Boehner:

We have long suspected Judy of using surgical touch-ups to preserve her youthful experience. To comment on that is beneath even the hilariously low standards of this blog. This seems to be something new, though.

I pose the hard question: Is Judy using a gauzy lens in the studio, while not extending the same courtesy to her guests?

On to happier things. Patrick Radden Keefe came on to sell his book, and look, it wasn’t anywhere in evidence when Judy interviewed him.

Turns out, if you are a good boy author and don’t shill your book during your moment in the sun with Judy, she’ll give the book its very own spotlight:

Read it. I’m planning to!

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