The jury finds Judy and Amna guilty of great fashion sense.

What did you think I would lead with?

On Monday, this blogger was shocked to see that Judy had taken her first day off in more than a year (as far as this blogger can tell), leaving her show in Amna’s capable, bejeweled hands.

Amna channeled Susan Dey in LA Law, (Is Amna old enough to remember that show?) though Susan’s neckline was more modest:

Sexiest Couples on Network TV: spoiler_alert — LiveJournal

Judy was back in the saddle for the most important story in a long time:

It was a relief to have her at the helm again, and fun to see more of the wrap, I-thought-it-was-a-blouse-but-it’s-a-dress, we saw several times when she was WFH. Love the cuffs, babe.

RIP Walter Mondale, or “Turtleneck Walt” as he was (never) called. What a good man. This image was taken at such an angle that it appears Mondale could chomp Prez Carter’s head off in one bite if he had wanted to.

Time to toot our own horn! A most loyal reader found a glowing reference to our blog online: It’s a lovely article titled, “Judy Woodruff: The Calming, Thoughtful TV Presence We’ve Needed This Past Year,” by Jeannie Ralston.

Here’s a fun excerpt:

“It seems I’m not the only one who appreciates Judy Woodruff. A woman named Megan runs a blog called, “What’s Judy Woodruff Wearing?” She describes it as “semi-regular assessment of Judy’s sartorial choices” and notes, among other predelictions, her affinity for the color blue. How cool that Woodruff, at nearly 75 years old, has a site devoted to her style?”

“Here’s a recent entry: “Judy wore her Escada Sunburst [above] for the counting of the Electoral College vote. Little did she know she would be wearing it for hours and hours while reporting on domestic terrorism. She looked like a million bucks the entire time!”


Thanks, Readers! Keep those comments coming!

4 thoughts on “GUILTY!

  1. Some well-deserved props, Blogger. As it happens I think it was that Escada that prompted me to google “what dress is Judy Woodruff wearing” which led me to you. Thank you for the bonus reminder of 80’s Harry Hamlin’s smolder!


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