“Red” All About It!

It’s been a while, so let’s get right to it.

Judy slayed once again yesterday, this time in red. If it were earlier in the pandemic, and therefore in the use of the now-iconic image to her right, I would have accused/complimented Judy on matching the virus, but I daresay this was a coincidence.

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. I wouldn’t put it past Lisa to call Judy every afternoon to ask what she plans to wear on the show. Lisa just “happened” to wear red yesterday. Given the heat we had in the mid-Atlantic region (watch out – them cicadas is comin’), Judy’s was the smarter choice. Lisa must have been roasting in three layers.

To be fair, Lisa often wears red, as seen here last week. I think she has a green top with this (dreadful) neckline, too.

Last week, in the coverage of the Chauvin verdict, we saw Minneapolis resident David Gholar in the best kind of red – an homage to Mr. Rogers.

Judy did it again and again last week with her outfits, some new, some old, but all smashing. Readers love this little bolero jacket — or it is part of the dress itself?

I swear, only Judy can carry off winter white. Love the ruffled sleeves and the neckline on this. Why doesn’t she get her blue Flair pen on her white outfit?

Because she’s Judy, that’s why.

For this blogger’s money, Judy looked better in the color than Elizabeth Taylor, who might have overdone it a tad:

Elizabeth Taylor Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image | Shutterstock

I don’t love this shade of green but it’s a step up from the combo she threw together during quarantine times. She looks fragile in this outfit. I prefer her mighty.

Even in the depths of his grief, Philonse Floyd assembled a swell look in the style of Burberry:

Celeste Wallander’s outfit was a trigger moment for this blogger. One summer day, many years ago, I knotted a kerchief round my neck and strode confidently out to greet my friends, only to be met with, “why did you dress up as a stewardess?” (Reader, that’s what we called them back then, not flight attendants.) I was crushed. I fear Celeste might have made the same mistake, knotting her scarf a bit too tightly.

Caution: Denim ahead!

Amna looks best when she’s out of her house. I love the denim jacket with the jeans, a la David Cassidy (I couldn’t get enough of The Partridge Family, and I’m pretty sure I had an issue or two of Tiger Beat featuring him).

Is that tea he’s drinking? How bizarre.

MJMR3639 (mjmr3639) - Profile | Pinterest

Here’s another denim-sporting man, Bob Wells, of Cheap RV Living, and lately Nomadland fame. Cool dude. Love the K-9 companion.

Good movie – watch it!

8 thoughts on ““Red” All About It!

  1. Fun fact-Laura Trevalyan on the BBC-which airs just before Judy on my station-wore an almost identical red top! Of course Judy wore it better.


  2. Agree on Judy in the white! That knit ruffled number gave me an actual physical thrill. Was that the same day she said that the cicada story grossed her out? I could not love her more. But it is still nothing compared to my love for David Cassidy, which is as deep and old as time itself. Did you see the one where Bobby Sherman was on and the had a duet? I am really dating myself here.


  3. This blog is just so delightful! Thank you.
    I, too, thought the guy in the Mr. Rogers hoodie was a great one to interview.
    I’m still trying to upload the photo of the guy we worry about when they pan the (empty) studio and give program credits after the top news stories.


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