Let’s Get Back to It!

What’s my excuse for being gone for so long?

First, Judy was away, and I find Amna too often to be ho-hum.

But NOT on May 20, as reader Rex alerted me. Check out this Catwoman-inspired leather top:

8 actresses who played Catwoman in Batman | Vogue Paris

Oh wait, that is (Michelle Pfeiffer as) Catwoman.

Check out Amna, though. Meowrrrr:

You go, Amna.

Then it was time for my daughter’s high school graduation and all the flurry that entailed. When it was time to come back, I didn’t know whether I should do a giant retrospective or start where Judy was. I decided on the latter, though please drop me a line if you have a particular outfit you’d like me to take a look at.

I absolutely must give a belated shout out to Sara. I was waiting for Judy to wear THE DRESS again but I haven’t seen her in it since I received the results of some really stellar detective work. Sara found THE DRESS! Yes, the Lucille Ball dress, the cherry dress, the dress that launched a thousand comments. It’s by Victoria Beckham and Nordstrom had it. No longer. I am just absolutely floored that she found it. (Sara admitted to being obsessed; Judy does inspire that.)

VICTORIA BECKHAM Flower Print Pencil Dress, Main, color, 015

Yesterday evening, Judy wore what I think of as her Mark Rothko outfit. Turns out it’s a dress.

Judy’s hair looks great. A bit shorter this time. Flattering.

Then it was on to the guests. I should have been listening to the point-counterpoint about Israel’s political future but I was distracted by Carmiel’s bookshelf. I enjoyed it. The Joy of Cooking was there, cheek-by jowel with Tolstoy and…


Yes, that’s a book on potty training off to her left. At first I thought Carm’s bookshelf was not arranged as much as shoved together. After all, a couple of the titles were upside-down. Then I looked to the right of the potty training book and it dawned on me that a mad genius had arranged it by theme. (As anyone knows who has tried to potty-train a child.)

I avoid researching Judy, preferring to gather what crumbs our pro lets slip. In the story about Coach K’s retirement after the upcoming season, Judy shared that she is a Duke alum. Well, how about that? So is this blogger! Let’s Go Duke! (That will be sure to stir up some comments.)

I’m so glad to be back here with you.

One thought on “Let’s Get Back to It!

  1. I’m glad you are back! I so enjoy this blog. Thanks.

    We, too, noticed and commented on the eclectic books on Carmiel’s bookshelf (I’m a Librarian so am curious about what books people choose to show…).
    I find it interesting (and respectful!) that you avoid searching Judy. I look up everyone who interviews and everyone who is interviewed. I find it fascinating to know people’s backgrounds and histories.

    I also enjoy the vases of flowers that people chose to make their Zoom space more colorful and attractive.

    PS: my daughter in law and nephew and his wife are both PhDs from Duke.


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