Lost in Space

On Tuesday (July 20), Judy wore her zippy-doo outfit which I dig. The snaps and zippers are groovy. It’s like a kid’s activity toy.

Reader note: By no stretch of the imagination am I comparing Judy to a zebra.

Or was her top an homage to Jeff Bezos’s fuckin cowboy spacesuit?

What a moron.

Has there ever been a bigger loser?

VAN HORN TEXAS  JULY 20 Jeff Bezos walks near Blue Origins New Shepard after flying into space on July 20 2021 in Van...


I don’t care how much moola you have, Jeffy. Your’e not Chuck Yeager. Not even close.

Yeager Statue Dedication | General Chuck Yeager

At first blush, Lisa had a good outfit, but was this some kind of poly jersey dress? Looks like neon-’90s club wear. She should know by now to plan for the mic to pull at her outfit. Judy plans for that. Judy plans for everything. Why? Because Judy’s the pro. Not at all like that piker, Bezos. What an ass.

Judy looked snappy last week with her beige-and-orange number. Again, I love the sleeves to the elbows. Nice look. Yes, she has the pipes to pull off a tank, but you and I have discussed that.

So she wore a new outfit on Friday. Kind of a sea foam green twinset. I like the cut and length of the cardigan the the neckline of the shell underneath. I guess if I had to criticize (and I don’t), I would say she is slumping slightly in this picture. But who among us doesn’t slump once in a while?

I am on vacation next week. Maybe I will run into Judy at the Delaware beaches? A person can dream, can’t she?

4 thoughts on “Lost in Space

  1. That is very impressive. You delivered today’s post after only seeing three minutes of the East Coast feed. I’m watching it three hours later on the West Coast. How did you do that?

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  2. Oh gosh thank you for this. Bezos is so such a clown, it appears as though he is daring us to point out how this whole exercise is a massive act of compensation for what surely must be his teeny tiny weenie.


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