Red, White and… Nude?

Last Friday (July 30 already), the theme was red and white, as Judy dressed for her guests and, I hope, us, in a familiar red-and-white dress:

Her guests respectfully followed suit, as it were.

And you thought ties were passe. Keep reading.

First we had Dr. Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, in a tie complementary to Judy’s dress that, apparently, he just learned to tie all by himself.

Good on you, Dr. Jha!

Next we had our own Nick Schifrin, who looked to be in a real honest-to-goodness suit and a red-and-white tie: It was a dandy look for our ordinarily boring friend:

To this blogger’s immense relief, Jonathan Capehart was “away.” Never quite sure what that means, but I didn’t see him in Bethany or at Funland in Rehoboth last week.

Nothing personal against the guy; he just doesn’t provide enough historical context for this old gal with a lot of history behind her.

In his stead we had old friend of Judy, EJ Dionne. He too donned his red-and-white cravat for the occasion:

But I know all we care about is the “nude” part of today’s blog headline.

Well, reader, Friday had it all, or should I say, “nothing at all”? You be the judge:

I don’t know what’s going on at the WHO but evidently keeping up with Covid has taken a toll. Maria van Kerkhove, the WHO’s Technical Lead for Covid, hadn’t gotten the red-and-white memo, or perhaps, finding nothing red and white in her closet, she decided to scrap the whole clothes thing entirely.

Lucky us!

Of course, Judy played the whole clothesless thing off like a pro, not even asking Maria for the naked truth. Groan.

RIP Carl Levin, the only truly good man and public servant who could pull off a comb-over. Almost.

About once a week, a reader asks me to name the designer of one of Judy’s outfits. I cannot do this without your fine detective work and sartorial savvy. Most recently, Ashley commented on the “Green with Envy” post that Judy’s green outfit, below, was Akris.

This blogger loves Akris (from consignment, natch).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_3473.jpg

Available to you for a mere $3,490. Judy’s worth it.


Ashley hit a double as she identified what I refer to as Judy’s Mark Rothko outfit. It’s a dress, also from Akris. It’s on sale now for a mere $996:


I couldn’t do it without you!

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