Lovely in Lilac

On Monday, Judy wore this lovely shade of, we’ll call it lilac, to permit us a snappy title.

She doesn’t look happy to have a close up, below, but the earrings worked with her eyes and the outfit:

Some of us have made rather, well, verging-on-unkind comments about Judy’s hair. It is this blogger’s duty to point out that, as of Monday, the color and the shape are looking great. No more strawberry; either the filters (thanks, Reader Gary) or the hairdresser has moved toward the blonde, to good effect. See how nice the back looks. Wonder if she’d ever dare to go gray?

Oh, Tam. A black jacket does NOT go with everything. It does not go with a red-and-blue dress. One cannot simply throw a black jacket over a dress and call it an outfit.

Mr. Blogger thinks I am being hard on Tam, because she’s a journalist who focuses on her work, not her clothes. Two responses: (1) SOMEONE has to focus on her clothes; and (2) we here at What’s Judy Woodruff Wearing are here to help Tam improve.

In this blogger’s fantasy someday, someone will point Tam gently in the direction of our blog. Just think of the good we could do! Tam, that dress looked just fine without the blazer, not too summery at all. If the studio was chilly, tough it out for your segment. Judy wore short sleeves for the whole show. Still, look at that cutie pie face.

Wait, did she paint her nails all funky and shit? That does not work with Judy’s show. Take a cue from Judy and wear clear polish if any at all.

By contrast, Amna looked lovely. She departed from the shell-and-blazer humdrum into a burnt umber (thank you Crayola for that crayon) for fall. The puffy sleeves are very 80’s-cum-2021. Love the accessories, too. Makeup complements the outfit. A perfect 10.

Even Bernie got gussied up for Judy. His hair’s all brushed (or patted down), he’s wearing a nice blue suit with a blue shirt and rep tie. Too bad he’s sound asleep. Looks like he’s dreaming of universal healthcare.

He even accessorized, I believe with a 117th Congress pin:


Really a big improvement over his inauguration outfit, fun as that was. I cannot see him without thinking of this meme, by Reeezy@MsReezy:

Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain’t his whole day.

Bernie Sanders inauguration memes are liberal comfort food - Vox

Great to be back with you!

4 thoughts on “Lovely in Lilac

  1. Especially love Tam’s hair today, how it’s all curly and soft in the back. It also looks (on my TV) as if she’s added some reddish highlights. So much better than in the old days when she wore it straight and severe with the asymmetrical cut in front.


  2. Does Mr. Blogger not understand what you are doing here? Of COURSE Tam is a good journalist. We are evaluating a whole different set of skills. Which, in her case, are improving, I agree. But I must take issue with Amna: while the outfit slays, the eye makeup is, as always, too heavy. I want to scrub her face. She is so pretty, all that eyeliner makes her look old which she clearly is not.


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