Supporting Roles

Let’s spotlight our best supporting anchors:

I love that Yamiche took a gosh darn risk with this outfit. We can disagree about whether she was successful, but I love her in the pink. The puffy tulip sleeves worked for me. ( See below.) Bravo for passing over those same-old-black tops.

Amna has branched out successfully, too, and I couldn’t be prouder. Personally, this blogger would never have paired purple with purple (not least because it’s color of the hometown football team, for which I do NOT root), but it worked on Amna. Note the perfection of her hair length.

… And she did it again with this puffy-sleeved patterned dress. I don’t know WHEN I’ve seen Amna in a print. She took a risk with the earrings and I think it paid off.

Then, there’s Lisa. All you readers out there (I”m damn proud to be up to 70 followers), I like Lisa. I do. That’s why I am trying to help. The hair is out of control and she cannot accessorize to safe her life. Or, it turns out, dress herself.

Here, she pairs new sliver frames with those big gold hoops she favors and a gold necklace. Although our blog skews old-school, there is nothing forbidden about wearing silver and gold together, per se, unless it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t.

Lisa even has trepidation about her accessorizing:

Yes, the frames are silver, not gold.

Last night was an epic fail by Lisa.

An. Epic. Fail.

Where did she find this shirt? 1985? And oh sweet mother, is that a jumper she’s wearing? Why yes, it is. a jumper. On Judy’s show, no less. And I don’t mean “jumper” in the British sense of “sweater.” I mean jumper in the I’m-playing-a-third-grade-art-teacher-on-TV way. (Props to Mr. Blogger for that.) How did she pass Capitol security in that getup?

For a break, let’s go back to Judy, who has been doing her part for the environment by recycling our old faves, including this number by Victoria Beckham. I love that we still cannot identify the motif. My favorite guess came from a reader who said it’s Lucille Ball’s head. Nothing like an enduring mystery.

Plain and simple looked good, too:

The outfit of the week goes to Nancy Pelosi, who is shocked to have won, or is that just one nip-and-tuck over the line? Regardless, I love this jacket. Note the fringe lining the front opening.

I’d like to close with a public service announcement: if you are eligible for a shingles vaccine (and you probably are if you are reading this blog) — get it. Shingles sucks.

See you back here soon!

8 thoughts on “Supporting Roles

  1. Oh I just love this blog! As does my husband. Needless to say, we watch the News Hour regularly.

    When my husband and I saw the jumper that Lisa was wearing last night, we gasped in horror. And her glasses wardrobe, well, awful.

    Tonight, we expressed serious concern over Amna wearing a royal blue blazer over a sea glass shirt. No, blues or purples from two color families do not go together. Can someone give her some color swatches. And can we talk about the gold “paperclip” necklaces?? How about some variety? Maybe they were a special gift?? She could lighten up with the eye makeup too. That said, we agree that her hair is lovely. She is clearly a lovely, intelligent woman, who I expect will be co-anchor (with William?) when the classy Judy retires.

    Lastly, we would like to sing the praises of William’s haberdashery. He wears beautiful suit coats, handsome ties, and has great hair grooming. Please keep attending to the gentlemen on the show.

    Thanks so much,

    Susan Kritzik California

    On Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 1:07 PM What’s Judy Woodruff Wearing? wrote:

    > judyiscool posted: ” Let’s spotlight our best supporting anchors: I love > that Yamiche took a gosh darn risk with this outfit. We can disagree about > whether she was successful, but I love her in the pink. The puffy tulip > sleeves worked for me. ( See below.) Bravo for p” >


    1. Thank you so much for reading the blog and for your thoughtful and delightful comments. I am also tired of the paperclip necklace! Another commenter said she wanted to scrub Amna’s lovely face because she wears too much makeup – you are in good company! I agree, I need to pay more attention to William and not write him off as just boring!


  2. My family has an ongoing debate about the motif on that black dress! Guesses so far have included balloons, a bust with a red hat, a vase of roses, and a small Mexican man with a sombrero.


  3. I disagree. I think some of Judy’s clothing is dull and repetitive. Lisa D wears some cute outfits and Yamiche wears classic clothing but too much black. Amna always looks good- I would love to know where she shops.


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