Escada Again!

We have noted that Judy often gets gussied up for Fridays. This Escada dress is a special-occasion favorite. Yamiche honored Judy by wearing a knock-off when she started hosting Washington Week. They both looked lovely.

At the beginning of Monday’s show, I thought Judy had assembled another sweater set herself. Doing so is not her strong suit, so to speak,. Later, there was a longer shot and lookee here, what a lovely bolero jacket and dress!

This is a very flattering cut on Judy.

Perhaps in response to our criticism, Lisa has been playing it safe. Nothing really wrong with the below. She still loves her gold hoops, unfortunately. The tortoiseshell glasses suit her. May be early for a turtleneck, but this is a mock, so we will give her a pass.

In my new effort to cover men’s fashion – and here I need all the help I can get – Judy served up a nice collar juxtaposition on Friday. Capey chose a fashion-forward spread collar, while Brooksie sported his go-to preppy button-down. I prefer a collar a little larger than Capey’s but it wasn’t a total miss. That bookshelf is way too curated (to use a sickeningly overused word) for this blogger.

Most Improved Reporter: Tam!

Nice look! This could still be the black blazer over the blue dress that I criticized, but here, paired with an interesting necklace, it works. Her hair looks lovely and her earrings do not clash with the necklace or outfit. I guess I like the blazer/dress combo this time because I am not seeing it from the side? Fickle are the ways of the blogger…

Architects are cool. Landscape architects are cooler. Even without the caption, you knew Julie was an architect, didn’t you? She is sporting the must-have heavy black frames and the carefully-cut yet careless-appearing short bleached hair. Cool segment on repurposing waste sites into parks.

Questlove is having a moment and well he should. More heavy black frames. He is so cool. Love the denim-patched denim shirt. As background, Questlove, nee Ahmir Khalib Thompson, is a musician, songwriter, DJ and overall hip guy who recently debuted as the director of Summer of Soul, about the Harlem musicfest in 1969. It was called the “Black Woodstock” but it never got any publicity outside NY. Questlove is changing that.

Anyway, Questlove is cool, he dresses cool and he’s all the rage, even on the cover of this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine:


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