Asymmetry in Motion

On Friday, Judy looked as worn out as we all felt from the news this week, but still rocked a new (I think) red dress with an asymmetrical neckline. I looked on the Akris and Neiman Marcus sites to no avail. Really a great look. Sleeve length is perfect and it’s a lovely silhouette. See below.

It’s been a minute, as the kids say, so I’d like to share a few reasons, the most delightful of which is the new puppy we got three weeks ago. He is getting along well with the alpha dog, and he’s even occasionally housetrained. Also, I’ve had to go back to the office, the novelty of which has quite worn off.

During Judy’s brief nap, we got a gander at another new outfit. So grateful am I for these new looks. Material was wearing thin. (see what I did there?) I think this is leather with fabric. Really cool.

What if it was leather with velvet? That would knock this blogger’s socks off. Waiting anxiously for her to wear it again.

As far as this blogger is concerned, those were the two noteworthy outfits from Judy for some time. One reader liked the below, as do I, but it wasn’t new.

Nothing too horrific from Judy’s supporting cast, though Tam continues to believe a black blazer (undoubtedly kept on the back of her office door for just these occasions) goes with anything. I disagree. This dress was too summery for November, even paired with what I believe are high boots. Her winning smile makes up for a multitude of wardrobe missteps, though.

Here’s hoping for some new looks this upcoming week! Hate to go this long between blogs!

8 thoughts on “Asymmetry in Motion

  1. I believe that Judy has worn that dark blue velvet and leather look before and I’ve loved it every time. I also love your blog! Congrats on the new puppy.


      1. Megan, I can’t believe I’m right. I’m in awe of your comprehensive well of Judy knowledge! Here’s something else you can perhaps comment on. Are you finding the views of Gary Abernathy, who’s temporarily—I hope!—replacing David Brooks, as distressing as his wardrobe? I feel that he is upsetting both our beloved and far more enlightened (not to mention better dressed) Capey as well as dear Judy.


      2. I didn’t want to say anything but I find him disturbing in general. I try not to comment too much on toupees but this is not a great one. Also I think he’s really nervous because he smiles and giggles at odd times! Thanks for writing and for the nice compliment!


  2. Thanks for explaining Judy’s asymmetrical collar. Knowing little about what’s fashionable I kept thinking her microphone was pulling it down! 🙄
    I was hoping you’d mention Tam’s outfit. I wanted to see it all at once since the green/black top and red/black skirt seemed odd. I wondered if the middle was something that tied it all together.
    Have fun with the puppy!


  3. Thank you for the photo of the red dress, which I missed (sometimes with the news I just…can’t). It is beautiful, but not as nice as your new pup. Agree that blue & black number is good, though I am a tad perplexed by the collar. Love the posts, keep ’em coming!


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